5 Chrome Experiments Online Games

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Discover the wonder of what is possible with modern coding languages with these Chrome Experiments online games.

Before we begin, here’s little bit about Chrome Experiments: Chrome Experiments is a showcase of the very best web experiments in the creative coding community.

Keep Out by Little Workshop is part of the Chrome Experiments Online Games

Keep Out by Little Workshop

Keep Out

Keep Out is a fun dungeon explorer game by Little Workshop. The aim is to explore the dungeon, kill monsters, find loot, and level up to buy awesome weapons. The monsters are fun and imaginative, the animation style is quirky, and the game is an overall enjoyable casual play or tea break filler.

Moonsters by Ivan Kuckir are one of the Chrome Experiments online games

Moonsters by Ivan Kuckir with Ironite, Falcow, Wolverine, Kemouse


Defeat the boss with the help of Falcow, Wolverino, Ironite, Kemouse, and Slowkey as you earn gold and evolve your little buddies. This puzzle game was coded by Ivan Kuckir and is a delightful little creation with cheery music, adorable monsters and buddies, and an enjoyable play style.

Crokinole by Gabor Meszaros is one of our favourite Chrome Experiments online games

Crokinole by Gabor Meszaros


Crokinole by Gabor Meszaros is a 3D virtual version of the game inspired by shuffleboard and curling. The original Crokinole board was designed by Eckhardt Wettlaufer in 1876 in Canada and is though to have Amish or Mennonite origins. Aim and fire your puck across the board to land in the centre goal area and or knock your opponent’s pucks out of the centre to win points.

Space Pong by Djordje Ungar

Space Pong by Djordje Ungar

Space Pong

A remake of the classic game, Space Pong by Djordje Ungar is a beautiful, minimalistic game ideal for two players. Player one and two can play on the same keyboard with the WASD and arrow keys – or play against the computer. Try combos like right + right + right + right.

Cycho by Zachstronau

Cycho by Zachstronau


Cycho by Zachstronaut is a unique two player game that takes the motion of Tron light cycles and pits players against each other in a giant version of the Alfred Hitchcock eyeball. Add a third player to control the eyeball.

Which of these online games are you going to try first? Tell us in the comments below.

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