About DigiWorks

About Digiworks

This is probably our favourite part of any website. This is where the values, mission and understanding all mesh together for you to understand Digiworks as a brand and what makes us tick.

We were created in the land of eleven languages, one flat mountain and way too many minibus taxis. We started out doing websites for friends, because all we had was talent and passion. Digiworks then moved on to various other facets of the colossal IT world. Soon we were doing hardware sales, connectivity, and graphic design. Now we are a total Media Design company that is hungry for more – with the same talent and passion.

We like to think of ourselves as that third arm that you really need for your business, not an “outsourced” or consultative company. We are the symbiotic integrator of web solutions for SMME and corporate powerhouses.

We have a hands-on, personable approach and our comprehensive solutions are tailored to get businesses online and thriving.

The History of Digiworks

Let us take you back in time just for a moment – back to the days when more colour meant more power – when more was more, and the busier the better.

The year: 1997 A small internet communications and design company opens it’s doors to the world.


Complete with a bright, sunny logo.

Just a few years later, in 2003: the company is re-branded.


The world is over ‘disco colours’ thing and it’s trendy to be abstract and have flat colours.

But in the dark winter months of 2008, not to be outdone


We shook things up again, this time a little less dramatically, until you see the Digiworks logo as it is today.

This portfolio is aimed at giving you a guide when looking to see what kind of website you would like, will best enhances your brand, and achieve precisely what your intended goals are. This portfolio consists of, but is not limited to what we are able to achieve. In here you will static and dynamic websites, as well as projects that delve into the realm of online applications.
We have done some fantastic and varied work for clients ranging from huge national brands to small, one-man operations. If you like what you see, let us know, and we’ll hook you up!


EC Finance is one of our valued customers. We maintain some of their websites.
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