Cancellation Policy

Agreement of Sale

An order is only placed with us after you have clicked on the [Place order] button.

Placing an item in your cart does not constitute an order and we cannot be held liable if the item is no longer available, or if the price has altered by the time the checkout process is completed. An agreement of sale comes into effect when either a credit card authorisation is received from the issuing bank, or a bank transfer is reflected on our bank statement. We reserve the right to cancel an order at any point in time without giving any explanations. In this case, we shall be liable to refund any money already paid in respect of that particular order.

Please note that our website will show any item as being available even if only one unit is available to purchase. If you order numerous units of the same item, we may not be able to supply additional units at the same price, within the same time frame, or in some cases, at all. Please contact us to check the availability of multiple units prior to placing an order.

Should you wish to cancel all or part of an order, please send your cancellation request to Please note, however, that we may not be able to cancel items from an order if they have already been shipped by our suppliers.


Items ordered may be cancelled at any time, unless otherwise specified. Digiworks reserves the right to reserve a 10% restocking fee for any items cancelled by you, after payment has been received.

Digiworks may cancel any order at any time for any reason. Should Digiworks cancel an order after you’ve made payment you will be credited or refunded in full.

Any cancellation policies stipulated on the Digiworks website, that is, in our Cancellation Policies and Terms and Conditions, are only applicable before your order is dispatched. Any cancellation request issued after dispatch of any or all of the items in your order will be considered a return and are subject to our Returns Policy, as stipulated in our Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Our payment options are subject to change, and may be discontinued or replaced without notice.

When paying by Credit Card we will debit the card immediately upon your order being approved by our administration. All orders are subject to approval by Digiworks and are checked for your, and our protection, against our fraud protocols. As part of such a process you may be requested to provide additional information to confirm your identification.

Orders for which payment has not been received within 5 working days may be cancelled without notice.


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