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Web Design and Development

We offer two types of basic packages: the Starter package, and Dynamic Package. While these packages offer a basic outline, we quote on a per client basis. We analyse your specific needs and create a web design strategy around those requirements.In other words, send us as much information as possible about what you want and need in a website and we’ll get back to you with a comprehensive quote. Contact us and select “Website Design” in the dropdown menu before you send.

The primary difference in function between the websites we create lies is whether or not you will need to sell products or services on your website. Establishing this before getting a quote with Digiworks, is essential to getting the right website for your business.Include that you want to sell products or services on your website, with your other requirements, when you contact us to get a quote.

After receiving your quote, we will analyse your needs and send a basic quote back to you. We believe that communication is paramount when it comes to designing websites, so refining your website requirements is always done via personal contact with one of our team leaders.Once you’re happy with the quote the exciting part begins: we get to work on your website, keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Sound good to you? Why not get a quote and try our hands on approach to website design? Contact us here!

When requesting a quote with Digiworks, it’ll be beneficial to provide us with the following information:

  1. A quick description of your business and industry into which it falls;
  2. Any big competitors in your industry that you want to compete with;
  3. Links to any website you like the look of.

This will give us a better idea of what you want so that we can get a comprehensive quote to you.

We do not offer digital marketing as part of our service offering, but we are partnered with an excellent local online marketing firm, GetHits.co.za. Should you want to include digital marketing to your website design, we’ll get a quote so that you don’t have to.

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